New Constitution Annuls ‘Specific’ Road Map: Egypt Presidential Adviser

Presidential advisor for constitutional affairs Ali Saleh said the approval of Egypt’s new constitution means that previous constitutional decrees by interim President Adly Mansour are void.

The 5 July decree dissolved the Islamist-led Shura council while the 8 July decree outlined a transitional roadmap to follow the removal of president Mohamed Morsi, which included the suspension of the 2012 Islamist drafted constitution.

“By the annulling of the 8 July decree and the implementation of a new constitution, there is now no specific road map,” Saleh told Ahram Arabic news website, adding that according to article 230 of the constitution, it’s up to Mansour to decide whether parliamentary or presidential elections will be held first.

He said that regardless of which elections occur first, the second elections must start within six months of the ratification of the constitution.

Shortly after the official announcement that the Egyptian constitution was approved on Saturday Saleh said that it was put in effect immediately.

The Supreme Electoral Committee said 98.1 percent of voters approved the constitution.

Saleh added that while no final decisions have been taken, presidential dialogues with some political groups concluded that many are favoring presidential elections first.

Earlier on Saturday, the Supreme Electoral Committee has announced that the newly drafted constitution was approved by 98.1 percent of voters.

Source : Ahram