Palestinians in Gaza recount torture in Israeli custody

Two Palestinian civilians taken hostage by the Israeli occupation forces from Gaza have recounted the torture they suffered, AFP reported on Sunday.

The two men were among 1000 civilians detained in December.

AFP reported that around 20 men were released from Israeli custody with “bruises and marks of blows on their bodies,” Marwan al-Hams, hospital director in the southern city of Rafah, said.

Hams also said that those freed were admitted to Al-Najjar hospital upon their release.

The occupation forces claimed that those detained were treated “in accordance to international law,” and that they were given enough water and food.

Palestinian Testimonies 

Nayef Ali, 22, said he was detained in Gaza and later taken to an Israeli detention facility.

He had cuts on his wrists and other parts of his body.

“They (Israeli troops) tied our hands behind our backs for two days,” he said.

“We were not allowed to eat or drink, neither were we allowed to use the toilet,” he added.

“There were only beatings and beatings.”

The Palestinian civilian also said the detainees were put in an area along the border with Israel where it was “freezing cold.”

“They threw cold water on us before transferring us to a prison, where it was again torture and beatings.”

Khamis al-Bardini, 55, also described suffering severe torture, saying they poured “cold water on our heads through the night” along with “beatings during the day.”

Violation of International Law

In recent weeks, the occupation forces was seen in viral footage stripping civilians down to their underwear and blindfolding them with their hands tied behind the backs.

The Israeli occupation forces has been violating international law for 80 days in a row, bombing hospitals, schools, and refugee camps.

The occupation also has been using starvation as a weapon against innocent civilians.

They also bombed churches and mosques, and killed civilians at gunpoint.

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