Petroleum sector eyes establishing 20 new fueling stations in Upper Egypt

Egyptian petroleum sector is continuing establishing new fueling stations in different governorates since ministry of petroleum plans to build around 20 stations in Upper Egypt.

Minister Tarek El-Molla stated Monday that the set-to-be-built stations target covering citizens’ whole needs of petroleum products.

El-Molla added that Asyut refinery participates in meeting citizens’ growing needs of petroleum products in cooperation with fueling stations in Upper Egypt .

He noted that sector’s plan depends on two factors; the first is to conduct expansions in Asyut refinery while the other relies on establishing more fueling stations notably in far areas in Upper Egypt.

Petroleum ministry is set to execute some mechanisms to upgrade efficiency of distributing petroleum system in Upper Egypt that depends on increasing the number of fueling stations, service centers, and warehouses.

Minister El-Molla pointed out that the developmental projects being implemented in Upper Egypt require providing more fuel and petroleum products since they targets achieving a leap in citizens’ living standard.