Qabil: 22.3M square metres issued for investors during 2016

Egyptian Industry Ministry issued 22.3 million square metres for investors in Minya and Port Said governorates as well as Sadat, Badr, and 10th of Ramadan cities, Minister Tarek Qabil said Thursday.

In its 2016 business report, industry ministry announced that it issued unutilized land plots including 13 million square metres in Minya industrial zone. This space encompasses1,284 plots which have been allocated for building materials sector.

Qabil added that the ministry issued 500,000 metres of utilised industrial lands for the fourth phase of Quesna industrial zone, Monufia Governorate. This land is dedicated for Small- and Meieum-sized Enterprises (SMEs) to be built with spaces ranging from 1,000m2 and 2,600m2.

The 500,000 metres encompass 175 land plots for food and engineering industries sectors, the minister pointed out.

The report showed that the ministry issued one million metres of utilised industrial lands in Badr City, including 197 plots. All plots have been allocated for chemical industries, building materials sector in addition to establishing warehouses.

Around 2.4 million metres in Sadat City have been issued through usufruct system, the minister added, clarifying that this space includes 82 plots for engineering, pharmaceuticals, and food industries sectors.

Industry ministry is currently issuing five million square metres of utilised industrial lands in 10th of Ramadan city, Qabil noted.