Raghad Saddam Hussein renounces Iraqi coup

Raghad Saddam Hussein, daughter of the late Iraqi president, denied allegations of planning a coup in Iraq.

“Some press reports said I was in contact with senior military officers in Iraq and providing them with funding to topple the current government,” Alarabiya quoted Raghad’s lawyer Haitham al-Harash as saying Monday.

“This is not true,” she wrote in a statement in response to the accusations. 

In the statement, Raghad added that her alleged plan to stage a coup in Iraq is not even logistically possible in the light of circumstances through which the country is going.

“How can I think of staging a coup against a government supported by the military and protected by the most advanced intelligence and monitoring technologies? The time for coups is long gone and nobody does that nowadays.”

Raghad explained that she is not interested in politics at all and that everyone who knows her is aware of her priorities and what kind of a life she is leading.

“Everyone knows that my family and I live in Jordan and I have very good relations with the Jordanian people and government.”

Raghad accused those who spread rumors of attempting to tarnish her image as well as scare the Iraqi people.

“Iraqi people have enough on their plate. They are oppressed by a ruthless occupation and a tyrannical government, both supported by the military.”

Raghad argued that instead of spreading rumors about her, those people would better dedicate their time and effort to serving Iraq.

“I call upon those people to help the Iraqi people in their crisis and make their living conditions better, stop migrations, and protect the country’s resources that are being plundered as well as face that rampant corruption.”

Raghad vowed to take the necessary measures against those who slander her and called upon supporters of her father to respond to false allegations about his family members.

Raghad, Saddam Hussein’s eldest daughter, has been living in Jordan since 2003 and the Jordanian government refused several times to extradite her to the Iraqi authorities that accuse her of funding terrorist activities.