Rain Due To Peter Out In Egypt, Replaced By Standstorms

The unexpected rain and hail that Egypt has seen over the past two days is expected to dwindle in the next few days, while sandy winds and possible sandstorms are forecast starting Tuesday.

According to MENA agency, Egypt’s meteorological authority said that this time of year is characterised by quick weather changes and lack of stability.

Heavy rain hit various parts of the country on Saturday and Sunday, leading to at least a dozen deaths. Egyptian authorities declared an emergency alert on Sunday as the town of St. Catherine in Sinai was hit by flooding.

Less severe rain hit different areas in the Nile Delta accompanied by hail in places.

Egypt’s meteorological authority said Monday that the weather’s destabilisation is expected to lessen, but there is still a chance of light rain in Sinai and Upper Egypt.

Mild winter weather is expected in northern Egypt on Monday and Tuesday, with major drops in temperature at night. Light rain is also forecast.

Starting on Tuesday, sandy winds are expected across the country until Thursday.

Source : Ahram