Redcon carrying out villas in Emaar Misr’s Marassi North Coast cost EGP380mn

Egyptian Redcon Construction is carrying villas project in Marassi, which is owned by Emaar Misr in North Coast area, , Redcon’s chief finance officer Ali Arfan said.

Arfan told Amwal Al Ghad that the project includes establishing 75 villas with various area and total cost of 380 million Egyptian pounds.

“We are planning to deliver the villas within 32 months,” he added.

Emaar Misr, the Egyptian unit of UAE property conglomerate Emaar Properties, is the main developer of Marassi touristic resort flagship.

Moreover, Redcon was mandated to implement the initial works of a Japanese university in New Alamein City, northwest of Cairo, during the last months the source said, adding that the works will include infrastructure projects worth 25 million pounds.