Renewable energy to be short-term core to Egypt’s economic development- NREA

The Egyptian government is implementing its strategy for making energy mixture through lowering its use of fossil fuel and traditional energy sources.

Chairman of Egypt’s New and Renewable Energy Authority (NREA) Mohamed Salah El Sobky told Amwal Al Ghad Saturday that renewable energy projects are set to represent a short-term core for Egypt’s economic development since energy is the key factor in all industries and projects that will be executed within the upcoming period

The Chairman said that a lot of states depended on diversifying energy sources and its renewable ones to avoid the crisis that traditional sources cause.

Renewable energy is one of the prominent industries in Egypt that can face the growing consumption of electricity backed by solar and wind powers, the official clarified.

Accordingly, the Egyptian government works on diversifying power sources , whether the fossil fuel or available water resources, building a number of nuclear plants for generating power besides developing and spreading usage of renewable energy sources, El Sobky clarified.