Egypt’s telecom minister unveils timeframe to release 4G services

Egypt’s Minister of Communication and Information Technology, Yasser El-Kady reviewed the timeframe to validate 4G frequencies licences.

The country’s National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (NTRA) will put the final touches to the licences on Sunday, he added.

The minister further told reporters on the sidelines of the Techne Summit in Alexandria that the NTRA would finalise the legal drafting of licences in two weeks with the help of a legal consulting office.

He further explained that mobile operators would examine the feasibility of taking those licences so as to release the new frequencies into the market.

The Egyptian Cabinet has previously approved ensuring licences for new 4G frequencies in accordance with the NTRA’s standards. The NTRA will be responsible for the preparation of licences including the financial and technical commitments in compliance with rules and regulations of Communications Regulation Act No. 10/2003.

This comes within the framework of telecommunication sector development plan that is expected to put Egypt on top of countries providing 4G telecommunications services. The decision aims to increase government resources and improve services provided to citizens.

The minister asserted that releasing more frequencies for 4G and 3G can generate substantial economic returns as well as ease the burden on second and third Generation. This will help offer better quality for voice services and create more job opportunities after building new networks.

The National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (NTRA) will announce Sunday all the details related to this matter, the minister said. The four licences will be issued for all mobile companies operating in Egypt, the cost of each will be determined according to every company’s needs of frequencies.