Shura Council Invites Political Parties To Discuss Sukuk Bill Tomorrow

The Shura Council’s Financial and Economic Affairs Committee will host the presidents of political parties and heads of their economic committees in a hearing session to discuss the sukuk bill tomorrow.

The committee has already started the societal dialogue on the law as it hosted officials from banks operating in Egypt such as Audi Bank and CitiBank as well as economic experts to know their opinions about the bill, said Sayed Aref, member of Al Nour Party and the committee.

Dr. Abdel Halim El Gammal, deputy head of the committee, stated that the Shura Council will not pass the law before the end of the societal dialogue so as to ensure that there will be no objection to the law after being approved.

Ghad Al-Thawra Party’s economic committee will participate in the societal dialogue on sukuk bill after receiving an invitation from the Shura Council, said May Abdel Halim, head of the committee. Ghad Al-Thawra Party will discuss its reservations and observations on the law with the members of Shura Council’s Financial and Economic Affairs Committee tomorrow, she added.