Signify Egypt launches EcoLink, a high-efficiency electricity solution

Signify Egypt, a global pioneer in the field of lighting technology, has launched its newest “EcoLink” product in the Egyptian market, as reported by Invest-Gate on Tuesday.

This versatile product line presents a variety of lighting solutions that feature advanced technology, superior efficiency, and an exceptional ability to save up to 88 percent energy in some products, all at affordable prices. This makes Eco Link the perfect choice for different entities aiming for improved efficiency, productivity, and energy.

In addition, the EcoLink series from Signify includes 11 multi-purpose products, each supported by a two-year warranty, guaranteeing superior quality, longevity, and high efficiency that meet international standards.

These products offer electrical capacities that vary from 3.4 watts to 200 watts, along with a cost-effective price range and a functional lifespan extending from 15,000 to 25,000 hours.

They are suitable for a wide range of environments, including homes, factories, business offices, malls, and supermarkets.

Furthermore, Eco Link products have the added benefit of blocking UV and IR radiation, which helps to alleviate eye strain.

Mohamed Saad, the CEO of Signify for the North East Africa region, expressed his pleasure in launching EcoLink in the Egyptian market, highlighting its multiple benefits, an uncommon achievement for a single product.

He also emphasised Signify’s dedication to offering new and diverse products designed to meet the varied needs and goals of different individuals.

Significantly, Saad underscored the progressive move towards sustainability with the introduction of EcoLink, emphasising its superior quality, energy efficiency, and a substantial decrease in energy usage. This step aligns with Egypt’s Vision 2030 to optimise energy consumption, paving the way for a more sustainable future.

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