Sisi calls on Egyptians to stand toghether against coronavirus

Egyptian people should maintain their solidarity and stand together at this “important moment” to face the coronavirus pandemic, Egypt’s President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi wrote on his Twitter and Facebook accounts.

He added that Egypt‘s enemies are trying to discredit the anti-pandemic efforts and achievements by the state: Al-Sisi

“As the efforts of the Egyptian state, the government and the people continue to face this pandemic, implement the development plans, and preserve the economic stability during the hardest circumstances, the enemies of the nation try to question the state’s achievements and efforts.

“I reassert my confidence in the Egyptian people who always demonstrate their strength in facing those campaigns; God bless Egypt and Egyptians,” El-Sisi wrote.

Egypt has until Wednesday recorded 19,666 coronavirus cases, including 5,205 fully recovered patients and 816 fatalities.