Sisi unveils World Youth Forum decisions, including int’l anti-extremism commission

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi said that the World Youth Forum has decided that an international commission to combat illegal immigration and extremism should be formed, and an Arab-African-international youth dialogue should be established.

The week-long gathering, which brought together over 3,000 participants from around the world in the resort city of Sharm El-Sheikh, concluded on Thursday.

Sessions and discussions held over the week tackled issues including terrorism, refugees, illegal immigration, sustainable development, technology and entrepreneurship, Sisi’s office said.

Speaking to the audience during the closing ceremony late on Thursday, Sisi announced a list of decisions as part of the “Sharm El-Sheikh Declaration for Peace and Development.”

These include holding the forum in the same month every year, adopting decisions of a simulation of the UN Security Council carried out during the forum, forming a cultural and civilisation integration centre to boost ties between world youth, and creating an African youth centre.

The decisions also include forming an international commission to draw up a strategy to combat illegal immigration, terrorism and illiteracy and creating a regional centre tasked with supporting entrepreneurship and financing micro and small-sized enterprises.

“Our dream – the youth of Egypt, and I am with them – is that this forum becomes an effective means of discussion, through which concrete and realistic results are achieved,” Sisi said.

Earlier on Thursday, Sisi said the recommendations agreed upon by youth participants in a days-long simulation of the United Nations General Assembly, which took place as part of the forum will be presented to the international body in New York.

Participants in the Security Council simulation primarily discussed three main threats to international peace and security; terrorism, cybersecurity, and unregulated migration, according to the World Youth Forum’s official website.

Source: Ahram online