Smart Village-Egypt Co Reviews RFP to Build New Hotel by 2014-End

Smart Villages Development & Management Company (SVD) is planning reviewing the RFP and the descriptions of establishing the new hotel of the current headquarters by the end of the next year on area of 12.000 meters.

Smart Village has started to cooperate with consultant for a plan to launch a hotel inside the current headquarters on an area of 3000 meters, Adel Danish the CEO asserted.

The new hotel will encourage the tourism of conferences through holding conferences and global seminars in the global conferences hall of the Smart Village and the availability of hosting foreigners, noting that it is expected for tourism services to return naturally, Danish explained.

Smart Village will hold hearing session for the real estate investors in tourism sector so as to identify the suggestions regarding the hotel within days so that the procedures of RFP will start before the end of the current year.

The volume of investments inside the village reach up EGP7 billion and the value of paid up capital around EGP560 million, in addition about 50.000 employees are working in 180 firms with more than EGP50 billion annual works.