Sony Xperia x series to launch soon in Egypt

Japanese electronics manufacturer, Sony announced launching its new Xperia x smartphone series in Egypt. The X series is said to replace the Xperia Z series.

Sony said Xperia X marks “a re-imagining of the Xperia brand”, adding these three new smartphones would definitely love by longtime Xperia users. The line-up includes midrange phones Xperia XA, the flagship Xperia X, and the top-spec Xperia X Performance. These three devices run Android 6.0 Marshmallow with company’s UI on top and come in single and dual-SIM models.

In order to repackage the Xperia brand, Sony addressed the criticisms in the outgoing Z5 line. Tech experts say the Z family has boring, boxy design and outdated camera technology.

The new X lineup is comfortable to hold, thanks to its smooth rounded edges. Moreover, its displays are gently curve on both sides. The devices sport 5-inch screen coupled with 1080p display.

Sony also installed improved camera technology on Xperia X family. During the MWC 2016, attendees witness the exceptional camera shutter of the gadgets. The phones were able to switch from sleep/lock mode to focused camera mode in less than a second. Sony is known for devices that have great camera sensor, so expect the image are clear and in focus every time.

The top of the line X performance has 23MP predictive hybrid autofocus main camera and 13MP front snapper.

Across the lineup, Sony claims the X phones have 2-day battery life, and this is a claim the company has hit many times before. Interestingly, the new Xperia phone’s biggest selling point is its water and dust resistance feature, similar to the new Samsung S7 phone.

As for the processors, Xperia XA has MediaTek MT6755 processor and Xperia X has Snapdragon 650, while the X Performance is powered with Snapdragon 820.

The Xperia X is preinstalled with Android 6.0.1 “Marshmallow” with Sony’s custom interface and software. The  Xperia x series comes in a number of colors that will be available this summer, however, Sony did not reveal yet their prices or countries where the series would launch.