Starbucks, Disney, McDonald’s stocks drop amid boycotts

Starbucks, Walt Disney Co., and McDonald’s stocks dropped for three days in a row due the ongoing boycotts in the Arab world.

Starbucks stock slipped by -0.44 percent to a value of $94.19.

Disney’s stocks dropped by -0.40 percent and reached a value of $82.32.

While McDonald’s stocks slipped by -0.43 percent, reaching a value of $257.00.

The three companies came out in sport of the Israeli government in its ongoing ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people.

People have also reported that both McDonald’s and Starbucks changed some of their packaging to resemble the Israeli flag.

The Israeli aggression on Gaza has been going on for 17 days now, killing more than 4,600 innocent civilians, 60 percent of which are children and women.

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