Sweden isn’t on coronavirus lockdown, expects to reach ‘herd immunity’ in weeks

Unlike its neighbours, Sweden has not imposed a lockdown to curb the spread of the coronavirus outbreak as it aims to build a broad base of immunity while protecting at-risk groups like the elderly has proved controversial.

While neighbours have closed borders, schools, bars, and businesses as the control the spread of pandemic, Sweden went against the grain by keeping public life as unrestricted as possible.

Sweden’s strategy has been controversial as some health experts likened it to playing Russian roulette with public health. However, the country’s chief epidemiologist said on Wednesday that the strategy appears to be working and that “herd immunity” could be reached in the capital Stockholm in a matter of weeks.

The number of coronavirus cases in Sweden is almost double that in neighbouring countries that imposed strict lockdown measures; Denmark – which has 8,108 cases and has reported 370 deaths –  and Finland – with just over 4,000 cases and 141 deaths.

To date, Sweden’s total number of coronavirus infections and deaths stands at 16,004 and 1,937, respectively, according to data from Worldometers.

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