Swiss foreign minister urges judicial measures to restore Mubarak’s assets

Swiss Foreign Minister Yves Rossier discussed on Saturday the reasons behind the suspension of a lawsuit that would restore former President Hosni Mubarak’s smuggled assets to Egypt. Rossier said the Swiss government does not need or want Mubarak or his regime figures’ assets, but they do want Egyptians to file the lawsuit in order to retrieve the assets.
He added that the Swiss banks want to free themselves of the funds.
Rossier added that some countries do not want the money returned for political reasons. He stressed the need, however, for judicial measures to be put into place in order to restore the assets in a similar way to how it was done in Nigeria and the Philippines.

The minister expressed his satisfaction with the way the military has handled the many issues that have come up since the January 25 revolution. He also demonstrated his understanding toward the security challenges Egypt is facing, adding that it would be difficult for any person to be president of Egypt at this time.

source: Egypt independent

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