Tahrir Channel’s Chairman Appointed Himself Judge: Dina Abdel Fattah

Dina Abdel Fattah, Media Figure, has commented on the statements of Waleed Hosni, Director of Tahrir channel, over leaving the channel, saying “how nice that you get your reasoning from opponents”; elaborating that the chairman of Tahrir channel mentioned admissions that support the reasons of her quit.

The media figure has denounced the statement of Waleed Hosni, which is “based on any satellite channel’s rights, I can make a list for those who are against the national security”. She has asked about the legitimacy, on which Waleed Hosni depended on releasing such strange statement- as she described; emphasizing that the channel’ chairman appointed himself as a judge on people just because they are against the ruling regime.

Dina has pointed out that she refused the interference of the channel’s chairman, who tried to impose hosting a guest from the Ministry of interior to talk about negotiations to open Tahrir Square; while she has a crew for the talk show includes 15 members, who are responsible for the episodes.

She also added that the chairman lied when he said that he has sent a lawyer to support her in “Black Bloc” case, but he didn’t send any one to defend me. This is the reason for leaving the channel.