TE, 16 Global Firms to Take Part in Launching AAE-1 New Submarine Cable

Eng. Mohamed Al-Nawawi, CEO of Telecom Egypt (TE)(ETAL-CA) said his company will participate in establishing submarine cable Asia-Africa-Europe 1 (AAE-1) in cooperation with 16 firms of the most prominent submarine cables across the world in order to connect the three Continents.

AAE-1 is a new submarine cable 15000km submarine cable connecting fastest growing economies in Asia, Africa and Europe, with cable landing stations in Singapore, Malaysia, Myanmar, India, Pakistan, Oman, UAE, Djibouti,Egypt, Greece, France.

The AAE-1 cable is going to open a new era to promote the broadband market across Asia, Africa and Europe, expecting that this cable will be launched by 2016.

AAE-1 is expected to contribute more than EGP300 million to Telecom Egypt’s revenues, which will be realized on service delivery date.

The cable system will employ 100Gbps technology along the lowest latency route with design capacity of over 40 terabits.

AAE-1 is one of the largest cable systems ever launched and will present an exponential level of business growth to Telecom Egypt, which will provide robust and reliable services to AAE-1 across Egypt.

Al-Nawawi asserted that TE is seeking to make the best use of Egypt’s unique geographic location which represents the Corridor and gateway between Asia, Africa and Europe continents.