Telecom Egypt : 18 Cables Stolen in Shorouk City, Inflicted 8761 Clients

Al-Shorouk City Egypt has recently witnessed thefts acts in the copper cables which affiliated to Telecom Egypt (TE)(ETAL-CA), as 18 cables have stolen repeatedly and 8761 subscribers have affected by this outage.

Abdul Hamid Amin, General Director of New Cairo area said about 16 residential units for collecting MSAN have been monitored for Al-Shorouk City in order to connect each unit with fiber-optic technology, it is expected that the service will be worked regularly and the repair acts will be finalized by the mid of February.

Eng. Mohamed Al-Nawawi, CEO of TE explained that the company’s plan includes developing the network so as to exit from fixed voice and to make the customer will obtain data transfer services and high-speed internet.