Telecom Egypt Pays Visit to South Africa to Allure New Investors

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Telecom Egypt (ETAL-CA)(TE) has paid Promotional visit to South Africa in order to allure more new investors , especially in the light of the strong financial results which attained by TE within the first half and that contributed in enhancing the company’s place in regional and local levels.

Managing Director of TE Eng. Mohamed Al Nawawi reviewed the operative and financial results of TE’s first half  which ranked at the top despite it is still working in less than 15% of the local telecommunications market within his visit.

TE has actually shifted into customer Services Company and this is a crucial step for the company’s future, TE’s logo is ‘New Beginning’, Nawawi explained.

The upcoming phase will witness radical shift in the telecommunications market along with TE will retreat its place, Nawawi asserted.