Report: Egypt’s Annual Growth Rates of Mobile Services Are 15%

An official report which issued by Egyptian Telecom Ministry has revealed that the annual growth rates of mobile phone services reached 15.25% annually since 2008, and within the last five years, pointing out that mobile phone penetration at the end of 2012 up 116%.

The report said the annual growth rate of the internet during the last five years amounted at 28.6% and the internet users via mobile phone reached about 23%.

The report has pointed out that the proportion of using Broadband was 90.6% in 2012, compared to 57.5% in 2008.

The report has explained that users of computers reached around 49% from the total Egyptian families , as well as 36% of ADSL (93.5%).

The report said the proportion of private sector institutions which use computers reached about 69% whereas internet in these institutions did not exceed 46%, in addition the firms which owned websites have 24% of the total private sector firms.

Moreover, the governmental sectors which use computers are around 99.6% and and the percentage of public sector institutions, the owner of Web sites about 54% of the administrative apparatus of the state.