The activist Ahmed Doma is reimprisoned for 15 days

The two counselors Wageih Al Shaer and Wagdy Abdel Monem, the judges investigate the cabinet incidents, reimprisoned the activist Ahmed Doma for 15 days; after accusing him with instigating on the cabinet incidents.

On the other side, Cairo criminal court, headed by counselor Makrem Awad, refused the appeal, provided by Mina Adel Anis; about imprisoning him for 30 days, accusing him with burning Egyptian Scientific Institute (Institut  D’Égypte) during the cabinet incidents.

The counselor Wageih al Shaer, the judge who investigates the Egyptian Scientific Institute case, decided to imprison Mina Adel Anis for 30 days. The military forces arrested Mina on December 17, 2011; as the charges depend on a video for the defendant.