The Armed Forces’ soldiers and tanks secure Cairo airport during the civil disobedience

Amwal Al Ghad:

Forces of military police, men of private forces and the airport police spread today, Thursday, to secure Cairo airport before the commencement of civil disobedience; which coincides with the anniversary of the former president’s resignation on Feb 11.

Cairo airport became under the guard of the airport police, military police and private forces after the major general Salah Zyada’ participation- the director of airport security and the assistant interior minister – and attending the defense and national security committee in the people’s assembly. He presented the security plan for the days before and within the civil disobedience to face any emergency.

Intensively and unprecedented the airport police spread to implement the followed security procedures on securing the airport entrance and exit, the vital institutions, the civil aviation premises and airlines. In addition to that, the tough security procedures to make sure of the passengers’ identity and spreading criminal investigation men in parking places and putting the airport vital places under private escorts and also equipping the police with weapons. This is in anticipation of any aspects of chaos on Saturday, the civil disobedience day.

The armed forces started to implement the security plan by spreading a number of tanks, vehicles and soldiers on the airport way and in the ports that lead to travel and arrival terminals.

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