The deterioration of Demna’s Balenciaga fashion

The deteriorating taste in Demna’s Balenciaga fashion has been visible for the past years, but is the most visible in their pre-fall 2024 collection.

Taking place at Los Angeles, Demna took inspiration from celebrity culture more than ever in the new Balenciaga collection.

With models slowly marching down the catwalk in baggy clothes, sunglasses, and long nails to mock the city.

Demna conveyed all stereotypes about the city in his fashion show, using it as a means to mock it.

According to fashion editor Nora AlBesher, aside from the mockery of the city, the fashion in itself is “basic with nothing differentiating them with that of fast fashion.”

She also said that for the sake of sustainability, designers should stop pumping out “mediocre” fashion to convey a message.

They should rather “present conceptual clothing and designs with merit.”

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