Tourism Activation Requires Security, Political Stability: Hesham Zazou

The Egyptian Minister of Tourism, Hesham Zazou, has stressed the necessity of security and political stability in Egypt, and the Egyptian street should witness a state of quietness for restoring Egyptian tourism to its normal rates.

Zazou affirmed that the touristic projects, which are for developing the tourism sector, are regularly carrying out, although the implementation is slow on account of the states that the country is currently witnessing.

The minister added that his visit to Sharm Al Sheikh was fruitful. It included 7 important events for supporting the tourism sector and resolving some current problems.

The first event was the minister’s meeting with investors in Sharm Al Sheikh and South Sinai, in the presence of South Sinai governor. They discussed the problems facing the sector and asked for supporting the sector. Zazou has referred that he will convene several meetings in Cairo with a number of ministers for discussing the suggestions for resolving these problems.

He added that a national dialogue had been held for tourism and attended by all Islamic parties, like Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), Al Wassat Party and Al Nour Party. The discussions focused on the necessity of tourism sector on the local and international levels. And the meeting concluded to providing complete support for the sector.

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