Zewail University Says To Receive 300 Students With 90% Score

Dr. Ahmed Zewail, said Zewail University has received in its first year since its inception around 300 students, with a score of at least 90 percent.

Dr. Zewail noted during a press conference held Tuesday afternoon, that Nile University (NU) students and researchers are welcomed to join Zewail University.

It is worth noting that Zewail City of Science and Technology announced Monday evening the admission requirements to join Zewail University saying it would accept students obtained scores of at least 90 percent. The University’s admission requirements also include attaining TOEFL. Thanawia Amma and international schools graduates can join Zewail University.

The University decided to accept 300 students for the first batch. Admission tests shall start next March and the first semester shall be next September.

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