UAE to witness super blue moon by end of August

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) will witness this year’s brightest and biggest supermoon as a blue moon on August 31. The event is considered by NASA a truly rare celestial event.

According to NASA, the blue moon is when two full moons are observed from Earth during the same calendar month. A supermoon, however, is when the Moon is at its closest point to Earth.

Residents in the UAE will get the chance to witness a super blue moon. This will be the second supermoon in August 2023, with the first occurring on August 1.

NASA also said that a super blue moon occurs approximately every ten years, but can sometimes go up to 20 years.

NASA added that sometimes tiny particles in the air of smoke or dust “can scatter away red wavelengths of light, causing the moon to appear blue”. The super blue moon can be better observed from the desert where it is darker.

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