Uber, Careem to file memo against Egypt transport service draft law

Ride-hailing firms Uber and Careem plan to submit a detailed memo to the Egyptian the House of Representatives as an objection to the articles of a draft law regulating transport services through ride-hailing apps.

Both companies offensively denied storing users’ data in favour of the Egyptian government, as the Apps’ operations are done from abroad.

Both firms affirm their acceptance to any fees imposed by Egypt in accordance with the governing rules, top officials at both firms told the newspaper.

The ride-hailing companies will consider tax and insurance on the cars and their owners based on working hours, officials added.

The two rivals are protesting to add taxis to their organisation, they said, pointing out that they will reduce the quality of the service.

Uber and Careem are proposing the possibility of launching a special app for the white taxi to be managed by a private company.

Both firms are seeking to take these steps before the Egyptian law takes effect and suspends their operations in the Arab world’s most populous country.

It is worth note that Egypt’s administrative court issued last week a ruling to suspend operations of Uber and Careem in the North African nation.