UK announces new initiative to develop climate resilient crops

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announces a new scientific project aimed at consolidating efforts to develop climate-resilient crops as his government hosts a Global Food Security Summit in London on Monday 20 November.

The summit, a collaborative effort between the UK, Somalia, the UAE, the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, is expected to welcome delegates from over 20 countries.

“We must take action to address the underlying, and often unseen, causes of global food insecurity, from the impact of Russia’s war in Ukraine, to the effect of major natural disasters on food production,” Sunak said.

He further added, ” alongside our partners, the UK is playing a leading role in finding solutions to some of the greatest global challenges of our time.”

The UK has also announced that the new virtual science hub would be led CGIAR, a global research partnership focused on food security research, that aims to link UK scientists with research projects dedicated to developing crops more resilient to climate change and disease. 

The government is set to release a new policy document on food insecurity, or White Paper, which outlines a shift in strategy from merely providing financial aid to collaborating with other nations to combat severe poverty and climate change.

Moreover, the UK has pledged to provide up to £100 million ($125 million) in humanitarian aid to countries severely affected by food insecurity, including Ethiopia, Sudan, South Sudan, and Afghanistan, as well as nations impacted by climate-related cyclones and droughts, such as Malawi.

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