UK PM Rishi Sunak unveils tripled climate adaptation funding

UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announced in his speech at the UN climate summit (COP27) that he is tripling funding to help nations adapt to the impacts of climate change.

“I know that for many, finances are tough right now,” Sunak stated.

“The pandemic all but broke the global economy and before coming here today, I spent last week working on the difficult decisions needed to ensure confidence and economic stability in my own country.

“But I can tell you today that the United Kingdom is delivering on our commitment of £11.6 billion ($13.36 billion).”

“And as part of this we will now triple our funding on adaptation to £1.5 billion by 2025.”

The British prime minister also said it was “morally right to honour our promises” when faced with extreme events such as devastating floods in Pakistan.

“So instead of developing countries being unfairly burdened with the carbon debt of richer nations, and somehow expected to forgo that same path to growth, we are helping those countries deliver their own fast track to clean growth.”

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