Unilever to get more Egyptian women and youth in Delta, Upper Egypt working

Unilever Mashreq, the Dubai-based branch of the European multinational, has signed Monday a cooperation protocol on two projects to bolster women and youth employment in Upper Egypt and Delta.

Signed with Egypt’s Social Solidarity Ministry, the one-year protocol aims to create job opportunities for Egyptian women and youth in the government-led giant projects such as the social safety nets programme Takaful and Karama. This programme, funded by the World Bank, works on providing hundreds of jobs for Nile Delta and Upper Egypt residents.

Unilever plans to commence works on one of the two projects in Minya governorate within two weeks.

The two projects, named Zaynap and Safir, are among Unilever’s successful projects in Egypt that provide hundreds of direct and indirect jobs for women and youth in food products, detergents, and household cleaners businesses. Zaynap and Safir also offer training courses to improve Egyptian women and youth’s efficiency and enable them to start their own small businesses.https://en.amwalalghad.com/images/stories/Investment/Companies/Global/unilever4.jpg