United States Stock Market Briefing 01/03/2023

The American stock market at Wall Street witnessed a drop in two of its major indices and a slight incline in the Dow index. The Dow (DJIA) inclined by a percentage of 0.02 percent to 32,661.84. The opening value was 32,656.37, recording a high value of 32,746.15 and a day low of 32,500.71.

The NASDAQ index fell by -0.66 percent to close at 11,379.48. The index opened at 11,447.58 and it recorded a day high value of 11,479.00, with a day low value of 11,349.87.

The S&P 500 dropped by a percentage of -0.47 percent to 3,951.39. The index opened at 3,963.34, reaching a high value of 3,971.73, and a day low value of 3,939.05.

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