UPDATE2: Protesters Gather at Tahrir Entrance to Protest Mubarak Verdict

Tens of protesters gathered in roads leading into Tahrir Square in Cairo, in rejection of Saturday’s court verdict that acquitted former president Hosni Mubarak of killing protesters during the 2011 revolution.

A group of around 300 people gathered in front of the army vehicles and barbed wire that is blocking off the entrance to the iconic square, while a smaller group of around 50 people gathered a few metres away at the Egyptian Museum, according to an Ahram reporter at the scene.

Army and police forces blocked off the square after the verdict and prevented attempts by the protesters to enter the square.

Earlier on Saturday, Cairo Criminal Court acquitted former president Hosni Mubarak, the former interior minister and top security chiefs of charges of killing protesters during the 2011 uprising. Mubarak, his two sons Alaa and Gamal, and businessman Husein Salem were also acquitted of corruption charges related to the export of natural gas to Israel at below-market prices.

Source: Ahram Online