US bill to ban foreign tech may include TikTok

Senate Intelligence Committee Chair Mark Warner said on Sunday, two American senators plan to introduce policy this week aimed at banning foreign tech products such as Chinese-owned TikTok.

Warner, chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, said that TikTok is one of the potential product to be under the ban bill proposed. The democratic senator made these comments to Fox News on Sunday.

The bill came after TikTok started facing pressure due to concerns that American users data could end up in the Chinese government’s hand.

The U.S. House Foreign Affairs Committee on Wednesday voted giving President Biden the power to ban TikTok, becoming the most far-reaching U.S. restriction on any social media application.

Last week, the White House gave government agencies a period of 30 days to ensure that TikTok is not on any federal devices or systems. TikTok was banned from being loaded on state-owned devices in 30 American states, Canada, and the European Union.

Warner also said that he worries that the application is a propaganda tool because of the types of videos it sends to users.

He also said that the bill “would say, in terms of foreign technology coming into America, we’ve got to have a systematic approach to make sure we can ban or prohibit it when necessary.”

Warner is to introduce the bill this week with Republican Senator John Thune, and according to a spokesperson for Warner they are expected to make an announcement on Tuesday.

Details of the bill are not yet available on Sunday and the spokesman for Thune did not respond to questions about the plan immediately.

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