U.S. court fines “Samsung” of $ 119.6 mln for “Apple”

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I decided a U.S. federal court in San Jose fined the company ” Samsung ” the amount of U.S. $ 119.6 million for the benefit of its counterpart “Apple” , for violating two patents in a number of its smartphones.

The jury found that the ” Samsung ” violated my innocence invention Digital 5946647 and 6847959 Almsjlten as the ” Apple” of the U.S. Office of Patents and Trademarks .

Under patent number 5946647 developed a system and method for the implementation of the orders on the structure of the data generated through the computer , while the second related to patent No. 6847959 in a way ” to open the scroll lock ” slide-to-unlock.

The Commission indicated that all organs of the ” Samsung ” in the case found that it had violated Braah invention first , also violated some devices patented ” slider to open the lock ,” while not violate any of the company’s equipment Braati invention ” Universal Search ” and ” synchronization in the background of the machine ” .

The “Apple” has called for during the case , which was considered by the Federal Court , California, USA , to obtain the amount of U.S. $ 2.2 billion in compensation for patents violated by ” Samsung ” .

On the other hand , emphasized the jury that “Apple” had been violated in turn patented a private company , ” Samsung ” , to order the judge of the Federal Court Bngrema 158400 U.S. dollars, despite demands from the Korean company for $ 6.2 million dollars at least to confirm the violation of its counterpart for the patented second special technology to broadcast video .

The Commission considers that the “Apple” only violated the patent number 6226449 registered in the name ” Samsung ” in the Patent Office and the U.S. under the brand name ” camera and organize folder ” Camera and folder organization.

The ” Samsung ” did not reveal yet whether it intends to appeal against the verdict or acceptance and payment of the fine assessed financial , especially that the decision did not include halt sales of any of the devices covered by the case , including phones , ” Galaxy Note ” and ” Galaxy Note 2″ and ” Galaxy S 3 , “the computer ” Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 ” tablet.