US-Egypt Business Council urges Biden’s administration to include Egypt in climate-focused discussions

Egypt has been left out of the US-hosted Leaders Summit on Climate, which will see 40 world leaders head to the United States this Thursday through Saturday; the US-Egypt Business Council (USEBC) urged US President Joe Biden to include the Egyptian government in the summit.

The council, based in Washington DC, “encouraged the Biden Administration to include H.E. President Sisi in the ‘Leaders Summit on Climate’,” which is scheduled to take place from 22-24 April in the US.

This call came in the context of a recently published paper that proposed four big ideas for the Biden Administration to boost US-Egypt economic ties.

The four ideas include focusing on growing bilateral energy and environmental partnerships, building a long-term US-Egypt health relationship, bolstering the growing US-Egypt digital economic relationship, and expanding education opportunities for Egyptians.

The U.S. Chamber’s U.S.-Egypt Business Council encouraged the Biden administration to invite President Abdel Fattah El Sisi to the summit in a bid to bolster Egypt-US ties in the energy, digital economy, health, education, and environmental sector