Vegetable prices fall 25%; says Cairo Chamber of Commerce

The prices of vegetable fell between 15 percent and 25 percent in the wholesale market, which is also reflected in prices in the retail market, The Cairo Chamber of Commerce said in its weekly report on Saturday.

“the vegetable and fruit market is stable with oversupply and stagnant sales,” Deputy head of the vegetable divisionHatem al-Naguib said.

This is reflected in price declines in some categories, and the stability of others except with green beans, which are expected to decline in price later on after the introduction of its new crop on the market, Naguib added.

More stability is expected in the vegetable and fruit market in the future, with a diversity of outlets and supply increase for various items, In a statement on Saturday, he said.

The Chairman of the Cairo Chamber of Commerce Ibrahim Al-Arabi said there is constant monitoring of the market situation by various divisions on a daily basis, especially divisions that represent important sectors and basic commodities for citizens observing any developments.

Source: Al-Masry Al-Youm