Wadi Group to Establish Animal Feed Factory in Sadat City within FY14/15

Wadi Holdings (Wadi Group) – a family-owned Lebanese agribusiness company based in Egypt – plans to establish a new factory for animal feed in Sadat City by the end of fiscal year 2014/15.

The new factory is at investment cost of 100 million Egyptian pounds (around US$14 billion).

This comes within the framework of Wadi Group’s FY14/15 strategy to pump new investments in the market amounting to 460 million Egyptian pounds (US$64.3 billion), CEO Tony Freji noted.

Freji further revealed that the new factory is set to produce around 350.000 tonnes of animal feed annually.

Meanwhile, he said the group also plans further expansions in its animal feed project in Wadi El Natrun, through upgrading its factory and boost the production capacity storage to 6 sites.

Wadi’s FY14/15 investments include new expansions in its river port project through adding a fourth line of storage facilities in order to contain 15.000 tonnes more. The port’s storage capacity would then reach up to 150.000 tonnes.