WD accentuates the Power of Choice to Customers in the Middle East

WD, a Western Digital  company and a worldwide leader in storage solutions, announced the introduction of its “Every Drive Has A Purpose” campaign to the Middle East. As part of the campaign, WD aims to highlight its array of market-leading storage solutions: the WD Blue, Black, Red, Purple and Gold.

 With the region witnessing sweeping changes, there is a need to match specific storage requirements with the right solutions. WD is at the forefront of developments around storage solutions, be it consumer or enterprise hard drives, and has taken the lead in orienting consumers towards what suits them best.

 Storage needs have evolved and in the face of multiple applications and workload requirements, a ‘one size fits all’ approach does not work. This necessitates the need for an extensive array of drives, each of which serves a different purpose. Through the “Every Drive Has A Purpose” campaign, WD aims to not only raise awareness about various storage needs, but also emphasize how its diverse portfolio of hard drive solutions are the answer to any customer need.

With a data storage capacity of up to 6 TB, the WD Blue has been built for desktops and all-in-one PCs with the everyday consumer in mind. Consumers enjoy using multiple devices, which has led to a massive increase in user-generated data, reinforcing the need for a drive such as the WD Blue. It enhances PC performance, has a storage capacity of up to 6 TB, and is compatible with SSD (Solid State Drive) upgrades.

 Essentially an upscale counterpart to the WD Blue, the WD Black is a high-capacity drive built to accommodate a heavier workload, and delivers cutting-edge performance for applications such as film-editing and gaming. It is the ideal choice for creative professionals and gamers, who inherently demand greater levels of PC performance, reliability and storage capacity.

 The WD Red offers storage capacity of up to 8 TB and is seamlessly compatible with all NAS systems. This drive ensures excellent performance, premium support, easy integration and optimum data security.

 With the surveillance market seeing a substantial spurt in activity, the WD Purple stands for effective, round-the-clock and high-definition security surveillance. Its AllFrame technology improves video streaming, reduces pixelation, unwanted disturbances and glitches.

 The WD Gold, the newest entry in the WD family of hard drives, is centred on scalability and is geared towards small and medium businesses (SMBs). A massive influx of information requires organizations to collect, store and have seamless access to data on a long-term basis. The WD Gold is ideal for hyperscale environments and delivers the highest level of reliability for round-the-clock and year-round operations in the most demanding datacenter environments.