‘We don’t need your money, we need your voice’ Arabs fire at Mohamed Salah

Egyptian football player, Mohamed Salah, has been under attack for the past nine days, since the beginning of the Israeli aggression on Gaza.

Salah is known to be one of the most influential sports figures in the international and Arab worlds and a huge number of Arabs were waiting for him to vocalise the Palestinian voices.

However, the football player has been silent since the beginning of the attack, which has angered many Arabs across the globe.

On Sunday, the Egyptian Red Crescent announced that Salah made a donation to the civilians in Gaza.

This led to a further outburst in the Arab world, with many saying “We don’t need your money, we need your voice,”

The Palestinian people have made it very clear for years that what they need more than money, food, and water, is for other Arabs to vocalise their voices.

This can be achieved by spreading videos and photos of the aggression and the war crimes taking place in the region.

Palestinian voices have been vocalised by a huge number of celebrities and influencers including, Salma Abou Deif, Hadia Ghaleb, and Bella Hadid.

Egyptian football players also amplified the cause such as Mahmoud Trezeguet, Mohamed Elneny, Ahmed Hassan Kouka, and Sam Morsy.

Salah has a huge platform of over 62 million followers on Instagram who are mainly from the west. Such a platform can help raise awareness to the cause and amplify Palestinian voices in the west.

The Arab world now still awaits a certain kind of support that might not be attained.

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