White Tissues Egypt launches initiative to support health care system

As an endeavor to limit the spread of Coronavirus, “White Tissues Egypt” launches its “White Care” initiative to support the Egyptian community amid coronavirus pandemic

From its perspective of the social responsibility towards the Egyptian society and its commitment to support Egypt’s NGOs and institutions to combat this crisis, “White Tissues Egypt” launches the “White Care” Initiative.

The key objective of the initiative is to provide the necessary assistance to a number of Ministry of Health hospitals in their fight against Coronavirus, and to help the medical sector to confront the spread of the virus and treat those who are infected, in addition to supporting Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt 57357.

This initiative falls within White Tissue’s belief in the importance of Social Responsibility, especially given the enormous role the country plays in preventing the spread of Coronavirus and providing all available resources for this issue and “White’s” aim is to be one of the key partners of the crisis management.

“White Tissue’s” initiative involves three key axes to ensure that its efforts would reach a large number of recipients and achieve the expected benefits for the health sector and people.

The first axis of “White Tissue’s Initiative” is carried out through its collaboration with “Misr El Kheir Foundation” to engage in the “Protect Those Who Protect Us” Initiative to supply the White Army’s doctors, nursing staff and isolation hospitals with the company’s products.

Through the Initiative’s second axis, “White Tissue” provides medical supplies and tissue paper for Fever Hospital Imbaba, one of the hospitals of the Ministry of Health assigned to treat people infected with Coronavirus.

As part of its endeavors to assist and support Children’s Cancer Hospital 57357 in its fight against cancer, “White Tissue’s” third axis is to supply the hospital, with a quantity of tissue paper and sanitation aids, through the Association of Friends of Cancer Patients.

Commenting on this initiative, the founder and chairman of “White Tissue Egypt”,  Hassan Akef, expressed his pride and joy in helping the Egyptian society and its institutions to overcome the current crisis by launching the “White Care” initiative, which looks forward to integrating with the efforts of the national institutions and supporting them through the private sector’s resources to overcome the current crisis.

He paid tribute to the role of Egypt’s White Army, and their efforts to raise awareness among the Egyptian community, to treat people with Coronavirus, and to put their lives at risk for the safety of Egyptians.

Therefore, “White Tissues Egypt” was keen to care for and support the families of the medical staff through its “White Care” initiative, as well as to provide Fever Hospital Imbaba with health care and prevention supplies. It is worth noting that “White Tissues Egypt” was founded in 2014 in Egypt, and is one of the leading manufacturers of 100% Egyptian-made personal care products.

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