X to launch new premium subscriptions soon

X, the social media platform formerly Twitter, is introducing two new plans of premium subscriptions, according to its CEO Elon Musk. Musk announced the plans in a post on X, saying that one tier will offer all features with no reduction in ads, while the other will be more expensive but ad-free.

“One is lower cost with all features, but no reduction in ads, and the other is more expensive, but has no ads,” Musk said in a post on X.

The move comes after X started experimenting with charging new users a $1 fee to access the platform in New Zealand and the Philippines. The company said that users who do not subscribe will only be able to view content, but not interact with it.

Since he acquired X in October last year, Musk has made several major changes to the platform, including dismissing staff, cancelling content moderation teams, and renaming it to X.


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