X to remove the block feature

Social media company X, formerly known as Twitter, is set to remove the block feature, said owner Elon Musk said on Friday.

The block feature allows a user to stop certain accounts from contacting them, seeing their posts, or following them.

“Block is going to be deleted as a ‘feature’, except for DMs,” Musk said in a post on X.

He also said that X will keep the mute function, which can help a user control what he or she sees but, unlike blocking, does not alert the other account to the action.

The new restrictions on the block feature might cause conflict to X with guidelines incorporated by Apple’s App Store and Alphabet’s Google Play.

Apple said that apps with user-generated content must have the ability to block abusive users.

Google Play Store also said that apps must provide an in-app system for blocking user-generated content and users.

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