1 month timeline of attacks on Gaza

The Israeli vicious bombardment of the Gaza strip has been going on for a month now with no end in sight.

The attacks killed more than 10,000 innocent Palestinian civilians in Gaza, as well as more than 110 in the West Bank.

Here is a timeline of the key events which unfolded since the beginning of the attacks.

October 7: 

Hamas launches a surprise attack on the occupation, killing 1,400 Israeli, according to their data, and taking more than 200 hostages to the Gaza strip.

October 8: 

Israel announces war and total siege on the Gaza strip. The blockade include cutting off water, food, electricity, and fuel. A war crime under international law which was committed by the Russians in Ukraine. The international community rushed to condemn Russia for its war crimes in 2022, but is failing to do so with Israel.

October 9:

Major airlines suspend flights to and from Israel including airlines in Europe, U.S., Asia, and the UAE.

October 10:

Israel uses the banned White Phosphorus on Palestinian civilians in another violation of international law.

October 14:

Israeli occupation forces use White Phosphorus on Palestinian hospitals in Gaza.

October 15: 

Russia asks UN Security Council to vote for a humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza. The U.S. and UK voted against.

October 17: 

Israel hits the Baptist hospital in Gaza, killing more than 500 innocent civilians. Though Israel admitted the horrendous act at first, after the international community backfired, the occupation blamed the blast on Hamas.

October 18:

Africa Union chief charges Israel of war crimes, and the Colombian president asks the Israeli ambassador to leave.

October 20:

Hamas release two Israeli hostages for humanitarian reasons, afterwards, Israel hits the Greek Orthodox Church in Gaza.

October 21:

Egypt holds Cairo Peace Summit with international leaders to help de-escalate the situation in Gaza.

October 24:

At that point, Israel has destroyed 51 percent of the building in Gaza in just 17 days.

October 25: 

US. .journalist Seymour Hersh says Israel’s bombardment on Gaza is equivalent to the atomic bomb on Hiroshima.

October 27:

Israel says it will use the banned nerve gas during the ground invasion in Gaza. That day telecoms and internet access collapsed completely in Gaza.

October 29: 

Israel threatens to bomb Al-Quds hospitals in Gaza and asks the civilians to evacuate it. The hospital is shelter to over 14,000 citizens who had to evacuated their homes.

October 31:

Israel hits Turkish Palestinian hospital for cancer children in another war crime committed by the regime.

November 1:

Israel hits Jabalia refugee camp in gaza, killing dozens, including seven of the Israeli hostages trapped in Gaza.

November 5:

Israel hits Al-Maghazi camp and kills more than 30 civilians. On that day, an Israeli minister called for hitting Gaza with a nuclear weapon.

November 7:

Israeli strike kills Palestinian journalist Mohammed Abu Hasira and 42 of his family members.

November 8:

U.S. says it will provide Israel with $320 million of weapons, to help ensure further destruction and annihilation of the Palestinian people.

In a month, the Palestinian death toll reached 10,022 innocent civilians, including 4,104 children and 2,641 women. Around 192 medical staff were killed and 32 ambulances destroyed, while 16 hospitals are out of service.

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