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12-year-old Indian climate activist storms the stage of COP28

The 12-year-old Indian climate activist, Licypriya Kangujam interrupted a speech on Monday during a COP28 meeting in Dubai, by storming the stage while holding a sign above her head that said, “END FOSSIL FUEL SAVE OUR PLANET AND OUR FUTURE!”

Videos of the incident show the young activist shouting “Act Now” after which she was approached by security, and escorted off stage.

Shortly, COP28 director general, Majid Al-Suwaidi asked the audience to give Kangujam a round of applause for her enthusiasm.

Wearing a yellow badge, Kangujam is officially recognised by the UN as a climate activist and is permitted to attend the talks in Dubai.

She posted a video of her protest late on Monday and claimed to have been detained for thirty minutes after learning that her accreditation would be withdrawn.

“My only crime [was] asking to phase out fossil fuels, the top cause of climate crisis today,” the activist wrote on X.

“Now they kicked me out of Cop28.” She added


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