Abraj-Misr plans to deliver its $39mn-Florenta by the end of 2016

Egypt’s leading company real estate developer Abraj-Misr is planning to completely deliver its 650-units “Florenta” project with total investments worth 350 million Egyptian pounds ($39 million) by the end of the current year, its Commercial Director Tarek Bahaa.

Florenta project is a residential compound that includes completely finished units of areas between 90 meter and 300 meter. It is considered the leader in implementing the green architecture, aiming to transform each and every material into a useful yet sustainable product.

The real estate market has developed effectively after a long term of Egypt’s political and security upheaval, the Egyptian economy has regained its strength especially after the Egyptian Economic Development Conference.

Since its inception in 2010, Abraj Misr has owned several other projects in Egypt worth investments of EGP 425 million such as Florenta, Lavanda and Montana Mall that costs EGP 19.25 Million.