ACWA Power joins Tahya Misr campaign to fight blindness in Egypt

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ACWA Power Egypt, part of Saudi utility developer ACWA Power, joins the state Tahya Misr Fund’s campaign to fight the causes of blindness in the North African country.

“Stemming from our profound belief in the importance of helping achieve sustainable development in the countries where ACWA Power operates, we are honoured to contribute to Tahya Misr Fund, which was launched by President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi to support Egypt’s economy and national projects,” ACWA Power’s Mohammad Abunayyan said.

“Contributing to Tahya Misr Fund comes as part of ACWA Power’s social responsibility commitment aiming to help achieve sustainable development and eliminate the causes of blindness in Egypt,” Hassan Amin, ACWA Power Egypt Country Director, said.

“(The fund) made significant successes in the past few years by directly implementing projects and cooperating with NGOs to reach out to least privileged people across Egypt in fields of health, education, informal housing development, habilitation, and training,” Amin added.

Launched by Tahya Misr Fund, the anti-blindness campaign is based on three key aspects. The first aspect is based on providing one million spectacles including lenses over a three-year period at a cost estimated at 80 million Egyptian pounds ($4.5 million). As for the second aspect, the campaign aims to provide medical equipment worth 75 million pounds to be distributed to 20 hospitals in 27 governorates.

Through the third aspect, the fund seeks to secure medical supplies worth 200 million pounds in favour of 200,000 cataract surgeries, including the implant of intraocular lenses.

ACWA Power operates in more than 10 countries and has signed memorandum of understanding with various companies in those countries pledging to support local governments in the provision of reliable and cost-effective power source and desalinated water solutions within the utility sphere.