LG launches inverter AC model line to save energy in Egypt

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LG Electronics announced Monday it has launched a new limited-edition inverter AC model line in Egypt which reduces power use to help Egyptians save power and maintain a clean healthy life.

The new line offers the latest world-class technology of air conditioners with highest performance and energy saving capabilities with a warranty period of 10 years and at a very competitive price which sells at 15 percent less than similar products in the Egyptian market.

It is designed with high style and innovative technology to be the perfect solution for the hot summer months in Egypt. Unlike the traditional cooling systems that air-conditioning units adopt through the use of ordinary compressors, LG introduces a new inverter energy consumption technology which is also environmentally friendly. The newly introduced LG Inverter air-conditioning model uses a 1.5 Horse Power engine the most Egyptian households prefer based on unit sizes and energy efficiency.

The Inverter Compressor constantly adjusts its speed to maintain the desired temperature levels in the targeted space. Moreover, the Dual Inverter Compressor technology allows for up to 60% power saving due to its wide operational range frequency compared to the conventional compressors. The new LG Inverter air-conditioning model also expels air further and faster by 30%. It also produces lower noise than other similar model in the market to ensure comfort and satisfaction of users.

“LG is always keen to offer the latest technologies in its products and to answer the needs of Egyptian consumers through careful study of the market. The all-new LG Inverter AC model will help Egyptians save on electricity while enjoying strong performance at a very competitive price and maintaining our world-class highest quality.” Don Kwack, Chairman and Managing Director of LG Egypt, said during the annual LG Egypt Iftar.

“We understand that Egyptian consumers tend to focus on energy saving and reducing electricity consumption. Therefore, LG has complied with the needs of the Egyptians market to change all its product lines to the latest inverter technology of energy saving.” Mohamed Yousef, LG Egypt Sales Manager, said.

LG’s new inverter outstanding technology offers optimal performance and better energy efficiency to satisfy consumers worldwide and in Egypt. This innovation is hence the drive for better execution and higher vitality effectiveness in the elements of freshness, neatness and cooling in all future models of LG home appliances, including washing machines, aeration and cooling systems, fridges and microwaves. Likewise, all LG inverter-prepared models are completely secured by a 10-year guarantee in Egypt.